Decisions, Decisions

There are an almost infinite number of perspectives on any story/argument. The best way to make a decision is to be aware of as many of those perspectives as possible.

Once you see all those perspectives though, that doesn’t mean they are all valid perspectives.
Some of them are not factual like- “the moon is made of Swiss cheese”.
Some make no sense like- “2+2=bananas”.

Also, some perspectives are more morally valid than others.
For example, Hitler looked like a great guy from the perspective of shareholders making money in weapons manufacturing.
However, this perspective is not as morally valid as the point of view of millions of Jews- to whom he was evil.

So the key is to be aware of as many perspectives on an issue as possible and then rank them according to:

You can’t make a good decision without all three of these considerations combined.

…Or you can be lazy and fearful and just follow orders: whether they be “God’s” or your bosses or the Law or the TV or the Corporations or your neighbors…


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