It’s the Tree That’s Rotten

Humanity has been a successful species because we adapt to changes in our environment. This means we were easily influenced by our environment. We still are, but our current environment is influencing us to embrace selfishness, ignorance, cruelty and greed. This is not helping us to survive as a species.

The greatest influence affecting the entire globe, rich and poor, big country and small country, black, white, yellow, brown and red- is multinational corporations who are not beholden to any one nation.

But there is a group that influences them- the global financial system. As you know, a parasite will eventually kill it’s host, often by taking over the host’s own systems. The banking/wall street parasite has taken over humanity’s economic system and is using it to destroy us.

This corporate octopus with the banker’s head influences almost all the information people get, influences almost all our politicians and it influences the armed forces. It has warped our values and the way we view and understand the world. It has destroyed democracy around the globe. It has controlled the terms of the debate. It is ruining the natural environment on which we depend.

This multi-national financial/corporate welfare system must be changed. It is not about a few rotten apples. It is a rotten system.

During the Great Depression the system was reformed and made less harmful through regulation and government intervention. But this allowed the system to remain in place and eventually bankers and corporations were able to take complete control of the government and use it now to intervene, not on behalf of democracy but on behalf of the interests of the bankers and their stockholders.

They’ve removed all restraints on business and finance. They’ve increased the restraints on people & their freedoms. They’ve put a price on everything including the natural world.

During the 1960s and early 1970s many people tried to apply the principles of justice, freedom, democracy and equality (and the reforms of the Great Depression) to people of all colors, creeds, classes and nations. The most influential were jailed, killed, or made victims of viscous smear campaigns and blackmail from the financial/business system’s minions in the intelligence community, military and media.

In response to this tumultuous time the bankers and the multinationals used their great influence to insure that such attacks on their interests would not happen again. They used the age-old tactic of getting the average people to fight against each other so they wouldn’t see what was really causing their sorrow- the system. This system benefits the banks and the multi-nationals, not the people.

It has created a gigantic military-industrial complex in a country that has no military rival. A country that does not have a single threat that can be solved with military solutions. It has created a militarized nation in a country that, for it’s first 160 years, was against standing armies.

This too is economic. Making tons of weapons keeps the economy chugging along. But it’s created a nation of fearful, cruel people who worship the military we employ to kill for a living. It’s created a nation of good, obedient little soldiers who do what they’re told and don’t question their orders. People who worship, not freedom and justice, but obedience & violence.

The only way to change these attitudes is to change the environment that fosters them. To do that the system must be changed- peacefully. To attempt to do so any other way would not only be a complete failure, it would be morally wrong.

The only antidote to financial/corporate power is numbers. Numbers of people. We need to put the people in charge of the government. We need democracy in the workplace. We need to put the people in charge of their economic fate. We’ve always had a plutocracy, we need to create a democracy. Right now we have a semi-fascist corporatocracy.

If we change the system in the U.S. it will change around the world. By helping ourselves we can help our brothers and sisters around the globe. Brothers and sisters that have faced destruction at the hands of the bankers, corporations and their puppets in the military and intelligence agencies. By helping ourselves we can stop the destruction of what we humans must have in order to survive- our values, our community and our natural environment.