Where to Find Liberty, Equality and Justice

Below are definitions of many of the types of  ways to organize a society. I have endeavored to find the simplest, most direct, most comparable definitions based on the dictionary and the first use of the terms by their originators.

Totalitarianism: Rule by a small group or single individual

Democracy: Rule by the entire group

Republic: Representative democracy (a bit of a contradiction?)

Freedom: A coercion-less and restriction-less existence

Human Rights: Universal, egalitarian, lawful standards of treatment for all human beings

Fascism: Social conservatism, marriage of government and business, militarism, nationalism and authoritarianism

(Nazism is a type of Fascism that was defined by it’s creator as what would be called “opposite socialism”: instead of the government and the economy existing to the serve all the people, all the people exist to serve the government and the economy)

Capitalism: Private ownership of things by a small group or single individual

Communism: Public ownership of things by the entire group

Socialism: A transition between ownership of everything by individuals and ownership of everything by the group

Social Democracy: Socialism achieved through democratic processes (in Europe this term is used to refer to ‘Welfare Capitalism’, which is simply a system where the negative aspects of capitalism are balanced out by a social safety net)

Communalism: Local decision-making & autonomy within a federation

*Any and all specifics beyond these definitions are types of democracy, republicanism, socialism, fascism etc.

Give me: Human Rights-based, Communal Social Democracy. This would be a balance of public and private ownership. It would be completely democratic and protect the rights of all individuals including the minority.


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