Better Dinner Table Advice

If you’ve seen Clint Eastwood’s latest movie then you heard the erroneous metaphor used by the father to instruct his sons around the dinner table. Here’s a better version of that speech. What someone who actually understood the world, and followed the teachings of Jesus, would have told his kids…

“There are at least four types of people in this world: wolves, sheep, lambs and sheep dogs. All of us have the choice to be any one of these four at any given time. Wolves prey on those that are poorer & weaker than themselves. Sheep are focused on their own little piece of pasture so they don’t realize the wolves are surrounding them. Lambs are the unquestioning, loyal followers of the wolves and they are led to the slaughter by them. Sheep dogs have no special gifts except they are curious about the world and they care about their fellow man and the common good. Without using violence against wolves (who they can’t defeat through violence anyway), they fight to make things better for all the other animals. If a stronger kid is bullying a weaker kid (any kid- not just your brother) you have the right to try to stop him. We take care of our brothers and sisters here- and every human being is our brother and sister. That will keep you from being a wolf. Also, we are not raising any lambs in this family. So there’s no way you’re joining the US military.”


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