So Much in Common

While I do think that the underlying core value of left wingers and right wingers is different, we actually have a ton of secondary values in common. At least according to conservapedia’s listing of most conservative TV shows. Setting aside that conservatives think the military can do no wrong, that finance is next to Godliness and that they hate abortion & homosexuality, most of the traits listed as conservative values are also liberal and socialist values. Here’s the basic list, and I value all of these things. Nice to know there’s common ground…

  • Love of the Place Where You Live
  • Love of Family ( I don’t think there’s anyone on Earth who thinks it’d be better to be created in a test tube and left to fend for yourself from the instant you’re born)
  • Love of Jesus & His Teachings
  • Dislike of Bureaucracy & Red Tape
  • Dislike of Government Meddling in Business (There’s a nuance here however that separates us- lefties believe the law should meddle in anything, including business, that violates human rights & freedoms)
  • Dislike of a Superficial, Crass Society
  • Belief in Law & Order (For me it depends on which laws and how order is kept. But I don’t know any liberals or lefties who think “every man for himself, might makes right” is good)
  • Appreciation of Ingenuity
  • Appreciation of Traditional Living & Crafts (Who do you think reads Mother Earth News and tries homesteading??)
  • Appreciation of Technology (Most science, techy & sci-fi geeks are liberals & left-wingers)
  • Appreciation of Hard Work
  • Appreciation of the outdoors (Who do you think does most of the tent camping, trail hiking, cross country skiing and tree-hugging?)
  • Valuing Self-Sacrifice (Also known as “valuing the common good and communal action”)
  • Valuing Knowledge of History
  • Valuing Knowledge (Absolutely. I would add “reason” to this as well)
  • Valuing Responsibility (I would extrapolate: For yourself and your fellow man)
  • Appreciating an Old West setting

by the way, just as a historical aside, from 1938 until 1968 liberals (not all left-wingers necessarily but political liberals) were big supporters of the military.


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